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What causes Low T?

T level is a very important hormone that helps men regulate sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, and strength.

T levels are known to decline with age, but there are other factors that impact your T levels such as environment and lifestyle.

In the U.S. alone, it’s estimated that up to 13 Million adult men have Low T. That’s approximately 25% of men above age 30 in this country.


13 MillionMen across the country with Low T


Of men across the country with Low T

How Low T Affects Men

Low Energy

Prolonged, continuous fatigue is not normal at any age and can have a significant effect on your work performance, health, and your attitude.

Declining Libido

If your T levels fall below the normal range, you may experience a decrease in libido. Here’s the good news: This is a temporary condition that we can easily treat and reverse.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low-T can cause erectile dysfunction in men, making your most intimate moments frustrating.

Muscle Loss

T is key for building muscle, so when testosterone levels dip, you can lose muscle mass. Because of Low T, it’s easier for men to gain fat.

Low Concentration

T has a significant effect on your physiological processes, including focus, clarity, and memory. Low T may give you trouble concentrating.


Low T can cause mood swings. Additionally, one study shows that men with depression are more likely to have Low T.